The processing system of self-control results
Since we believe that diabetes should be easy to understand, we have created a new system to control diabetes
helps you
To motivate the patient to comply with treatment recommendations and self-control.
To choose exactly that information, which is necessary to adjust the therapy;
To identify the potential problems rapidly;
To involve the patient in the diabetes control process;
helping your patients
With its easy-to-understand reports, patients can visually assess the state of glycemic control;
To identify existing problems;
To take the necessary steps to achieve the better glycemic control.
The operating principles
Processes and analyzes the data from the meter memory series OneTouch® Ultra®, OneTouch® UltraEasy®, OneTouch® Select®, OneTouch® Verio® IQ.
Prints the data in the form of simple visual graphs and tables.
Helps to optimize the therapy and saves your time.
The report structure
Schedule "Profiled days"
- allows you to analyze blood glucose levels at different times of day and skorektirrovat therapy.
Table "Date-Time-Results"
- 54 results from the meter memory, highlighted in different levels of glycemia - allows you to see all the results in one table.
Pie chart
- a visual image of glycemia during the last month.
Schedule "31 days"
- allows to show the state of the patient self-control during the month.
The effectiveness of Glucoprint has been evaluated by the Endocrinology Research Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in 2012, involving 576 patients and 100 doctors from 38 cities of Russia.

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